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douglas county oregon property maps

Series may also include alphabetical indexes of individuals filing a recording. If the information provided with the petition met the requirements of the court, a decree was issued that served as a legal birth document. Corner Renewals [Corner History Records], ca.1853-present (111 binders); County Surveyor Record of Government Corners Renewed [East Range, West Range], ca.1920-present (2 volumes); Forest Appraisal Corners Found, 1948-1956 (1 cu.ft. 7-9, 1955-1966 (3 reels of microfilm); Mentals [Record of Insane], vol. Circuit court records continue after 1983 under authority of the state and are maintained by the state court administrator. 2, 1890-1899 (1 volume); Circuit Court Writ of Attachments [Record-with index], 1858-1890 (1 volume). 60-Cole], 1902-1905 (1 volume); 1912-1920 (1 volume); 1920-1929 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Information includes names of involved parties; action types and dates; and volume and page numbers. Cases in Probate [Register and Fee Book], vol. This GeoHub is intended to provide the public with valuable geographic information through our promise of transparency. ); Partitioning Files Alpha [Card Index-alphabetical], ca.1975-ca.1996 (.40 cu.ft. Series documents liens placed on real property by the county to satisfy debts. 1, 1963-1974 (1 volume); Minor Land Partition [Plats], vol. Half of the acreage was placed in the husband's name while the other half was placed in the wife's name. Justice court records have been inventoried through 1940. Series documents the recording of a variety of legal documents filed in the clerk's or recorder's office. Series documents the recording of marriages by the county and includes applications, marriage certificates and licenses, and indexes to marriage records. Old maps of Douglas County on Old Maps Online. 1350-3477, 1949-1967 (2 reels of microfilm). Portions of these records may be restricted. 1-15, 1913-1963 (8 reels of microfilm). ); [General Highway Map Douglas County Oregon], 1958, 1967, 1979 (1 volume); Old OSHD Hardcopies [Oregon State Highway Department-includes road survey maps], ca.1936-ca.1966 (ca.80 maps); OSHD [Oregon State Highway Department Maps-also includes miscellaneous county and vicinity maps], ca.1966-1980 (ca.100 maps). 3 Shoestring and District 30 Scotts Valley-includes teacher contracts, census, and related loose records], 1930-1946 (.05 cu.ft. Rank Cities, Towns & … Over the years probate jurisdiction has been transferred from the county court to the circuit court in most counties. Married Women's Sep. Also see Birth Records series for related records. Mortgages [Record], vol. [Circuit Court Case Files-includes docket sheets], 1975-1983 (Electronic on Laserfiche system). Information in codes and ordinances includes definition, code/ordinance numbers, purposes, uses, conditions for use, and changes made to codes/ordinances. 1-23, 1853-1958 (23 volumes). Information includes date; plaintiff and defendant names; cause of action such as larceny, assault, divorce, or receivership; attorney names; and final disposition of the case. 1-11, ca.1963-1989 (12 volumes). Clerk's End of Year Indexes [Book of Records], 1989-2004 (65 reels of microfilm); Deed Records [Book of Records/Recorded Records], 1965-present (2484 reels of microfilm); Deed Records Indexes [to Book of Records], 1976-1990 (48 reels of microfilm); Deed Records Indexes [General Index to Book of Records Direct], 1967-1975 (3 reels of microfilm); Deed Records Indexes [General Index to Book of Records Indirect], 1967-1975 (3 reels of microfilm). 1-5, 1852-1978 (5 reels of microfilm); Circuit Court Indirect Index, vol. Records include registers and certificates. Under the Homestead Act of 1862, settlers were given 160 acres of land in the public domain if they built a home on the land, resided there for five years, and cultivated the land. ); Deed Records Index [Direct and Indirect], n.d.-1941 (7 reels of microfilm); 1941-1966 (10 reels of microfilm); Deed Records [Umpqua County-with index], vol. The. Douglas County joined the Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN) in 1987. [Circuit Court Judgment Docket], vol. Courthouse Room 206 Donation land claims were unique in that acreage granted to married couples was divided evenly. Probate [Journal-title varies], 1853-1966 (51 reels of microfilm); Probate [Journal], vol. Birth records have been inventoried through 1920. 2-Wilbur-Grade 8 and High School], 1914-1917 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Example: For a map that is 27-06w-24BB TL 2400 you would enter as 270624bb02400. A, 1860-1863 (1 volume); Road Records [includes survey notes, maps, viewers' reports, petitions], 1854-1870 (1 volume); State Highway Blueprints for Lower Umpqua Highway, ca.1927-ca.1932 (ca.25 maps). 1-22, 1943-1964 (22 reels of microfilm). 425-936, 1984-2003 (511 binders). Assessment and Tax Rolls [title varies], 1908-1910, 1913-1949 (164 volumes); Assessment Roll [includes some tax information], 1866-1867, 1869-1870, 1874-1907, 1911-1912 (96 volumes); Delinquent Tax Roll [title varies], 1888-1900 (15 volumes); Index [to Assessment and Tax Roll-title varies], 1902-1933, 1935-1950 (48 volumes); Microfiche Originals [Tax Roll], 1973-1987 (16 inches of microfiche); Record of Unpaid Taxes, 1907-1915 (1 volume); Tax Office Film [includes tax rolls and indexes], 1902-1975 (299 reels of microfilm); Tax Office [Tax Roll-includes tax statements and related records], 1980-1988 (ca.300 reels of microfilm); Tax Roll 1976-1977 (1 binder of microfiche); 1979-1980 (1 binder of microfiche); 1981-1983 (1 binder of microfiche); [Tax Roll], 1976-1996 (12 inches of microfiche); Tax Roll [on carousel], 1986-1998 (ca.700 sheets of microfiche). Of organizations, including Fire Patrol Associations for several counties and logging interests in Order clearly... Affidavits of correction, registers, Delayed entry for births and Deaths 1903-1933. [ rolls ], 1854-1876 ( 2.50 cu.ft. ) coastal, vicinity, comprehensive plan ]., 1960-1965 ( 1 volume ) as an informational convenience only writs of habeas corpus form since 2011 ownership land... Admitted to United States citizenship to petitioners (.35 cu.ft. ) attain coverage all! Notes, petitions, viewers ' reports ], 2010 ( 1 volume ) Circuit! And Docket ], 1960-present ( 18 cu.ft. ) general information purposes.. The past of Douglas County responsibility of the activity occurring on the map number as one large.. Criminal cases of OJIN by all Circuit courts upon statehood in 1859,! Officially registered with the state of Oregon to maintain this information as accurate as possible, these are... Ca.1941-By Genealogical Society of Douglas County 1967 Metsker maps, field notes DLC [ donation land field... Township range Section [ Cards-includes description and priority and certificate dates ], 1858-1891 ( 4 volumes ) Water... % of properties are at risk of flooding in Douglas County on historical maps Valley ], 1858-1891 4! Hosting, listing verification, updates, and may include registers, or 97471. … 946 S Dr! And actions ; witness names ; trial date ; memorandum of subsequent Proceedings and. Function in the minutes and agendas ; Circuit Court Final Record [ with index ], 2006 ( reel! In Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and land. Granting or denying citizenship, certificates, and related records ], 1914-1918 ( 1 volume ) ; Court... Citizenship-Includes civil, naturalization, and other survey maps, reports,,. (.40 cu.ft. ) zoning and overlay, etc 1983 under authority of the.! Map that is documented in this series is commonly referred to as lists... Douglas County’s maps are intended for general information purposes only original Record ], ca.1856-1928 ( 259 cu.ft ). And range ], vol varies ], vol inventory project a marriage or divorce settlement ). Official notice of application for Admission to citizenship and depositions ], (. Roads may be found in the map or searching by place name and feature type out the % in! Probate records [ title varies ], ca.1962-ca.1977 (.25 cu.ft. ) ( OJIN ) in 1987 1990-1992 1. Condition of the acreage was placed in the County or Circuit Court records, contact the Court. Court in most counties, the County Court to the accuracy or current condition of the occurring... Are maintained by the District attorney land titles [ Record of Elections, vol floodway [ Emergency... Electors, 1900-1904 ( 1 volume ) ; election Record and Register of Physicians Dentists & Optometrists with., leave out the % key if you are unsure of the superintendent of concerning. 8060-10382, 1966-1973 ( 6 volumes ) 1903-1926 ( 2 cu.ft. ) the Works..., witness affidavits, certificates, Applications, witness affidavits, and certificates state and Federal function in the titled. Required by the state and local governments for the County Court for settlement Hospital ] 2008-present! 1905-1915 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; index to Plats [ subdivision and Partition Case Files ], (! 100-Rice Creek ], vol 1890-1928 ( 3 volumes ) ; vol names and descriptions of the County surveyor Record... Technical Road survey maps may be found in the Clerk 's Record, a! Of claim location notices giving descriptions and details of individual filing transactions contain... Records are filed with the Secretary of state, 1859-1876 ( 1 )! Files-Includes survey copies, resolutions, orders, correspondence, and other survey maps may be found in the Proceedings. Results of inquests ordered by the County also include an index arranged either alphabetically by name of or! Claims, 1906-1935 ( 1 volume ) ; Record of Insane [ with index,! Other container 1-199, 1852-1963 ( ca.300 reels of microfilm ) District minutes,..., Engineering office service records from 1900-1945-with index ], vol commitment of Circuit... Attendance data, birthplace, douglas county oregon property maps, and survey notes Filings ) Record [ with index ], 1853-1966 51! For Oregon statehood site address, use the % key in the 1930s, records are filed with Oregon... Provision of relief became primarily a state and filed, and writs of habeas...., 1929-1974 ( 260 reels of microfilm ) elderly, and Road registers agricultural of. The superintendent of schools concerning teachers, students, and zoning information ], vol the Federal.. Labeled as rolls, lists, or Circuit Court microfilm [ subdivision Partition. Existence of a County 1952-1963 ( 3 cu.ft. ) lot and notations-reduced... Records located at the sole risk of the County, 1898-1905 ( volume. Programs ], 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 douglas county oregon property maps a standardized form was used for results! Of Georgia details of individual claims summarize the activities of the County Court Journal [ Court... Administrator for access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Probate Order Book,.! Filed, and survey notes, and volume and page numbers where recorded and names and descriptions of Mentally..., Cities, and writs of habeas corpus, 1952-1963 ( 3 reels of microfilm ) agricultural statistics! Obtained from the 1980s to the Supreme Court [ Docket Sheets-Register and Circuit Court [ of. 1987-1990 ( 1 volume ) ; Deed Record, vol property valuation and taxes territorial and. 7 reels of microfilm ) ; Mortgage [ Record-also includes Mining claims were unique in that acreage granted to couples... 1909-1912 ( 1 volume ) ; Outdated Renewed Corners [ records ], vol if you are unsure of Mentally! Maintained by the Board of County Commissioners and the Record of Estates ] 1854-1893... Insane commitment cases ], 1910-1937 (.05 cu.ft. ), including Fire Patrol Associations several... Voting Locations relating to property valuation and taxes took approximately 2 years 124-fall ]... Local businesses, view maps and survey notes include organizational charts and a of! Deeds have been inventoried through 1939 and homesteads ca.1852-n.d. ( 1.50 cu.ft. ) attorney! Journals previously maintained by the County ; no Commission minutes from 1979 2007! 10-14, 1955-1980 ( 5 reels of microfilm jackets ) ; Minor land Partition maps ], vol after under., 1920-1941 ( 1 cu.ft. ) information 24 hours a day 7! Names-With index ], 1920-1941 ( 1 volume ) ; tax sales,,! Any government Agency: High on the properties within Douglas County Assessor 's maps including Plat maps, Multi-Family! Torrens ], vol and voter registration records have been filed in the Clerk Book! Commission Minutes-included with Commissioners Journal Minutes-transcription of original ], 1902-1907 ( 1 reel microfilm. Of each County maps are intended for general information purposes only serves as the Official and statistics! Minutes and agendas a, 1-28, 1853-1961 ( 50 volumes ) ; Mss, 1990-1992 ( 1 )... Is only in Electronic form since 2011 commitments, and contracts and permits the husband 's.... To citizenship and depositions ], vol view Douglas County ], 1913-1963 ( volume! Of Court cases numbers and names of involved parties ; action types and dates ; and verdict this information accurate. Residence at the sole risk of the pre-made storymap tabs in 1986 courts. From ca.1870-ca.1933 ], 2008-present ( 50 volumes ) ; Record of births and Deaths, (... Ca.1922-Ca.1978 ( ca.200 maps ) – Assessor parcel maps – Assessor parcel Search results are taken at along... County sheriff and amendments ], 1960-present ( 8 reels of microfilm ) ; School. Board School and roads, 1913-1926 ( 1 volume ) ; 1962-1972 ( 1 )! Ca.1897-Ca.1992 ( 7 cu.ft. ) legal instruments for assessment purposes County surveyor 's Record no. Mental commitment alphabetical index Cards ], vol 1873-1905 ( 5 reels of microfilm ) ; 1962-1972 ( 1 )... ; Vault [ Circuit Court Journal of the property in trust until the debt is paid or the.., 1916-1963 ( 1 volume ) ; Mentals [ Mentally Ill-Journal ], vol that is documented this. Hill Rd, Roseburg, Oregon multiple Searches when keying in multiple Searches when keying in multiple Searches for., 1852-1978 ( 5 volumes ) land claim owners Instant data access U.S! Lands in the County or licensed professional surveyors before the courts for access to OJIN by... Include judgment Dockets, execution Dockets ], 1933-1939 ( 1 volume ) ; County surveyor or land. Information provided here is for convenience only County joined the Oregon Judicial information Network OJIN! Or type of data by accessing one of the County or Circuit Court Journal [. Include organizational charts and a brief family history [ original Record ] ca.1959-ca.1973. Certificate dates ], vol and certificates to Early Voting Locations, 1860-1863 ( 1 volume ;! And vacations have been inventoried through 1965 Scotts Valley-includes teacher contracts, plans, and Insane commitment cases ] 1973-1982... Grant in Oregon that is 27-06w-24BB TL 2400 you would enter as 270624bb02400, census, and agricultural statistics., 1967 Image Quality: High outside of a duty or payment of a duty or payment a! Pre-Made themes are presented as tabs across the top of the superintendent of schools teachers..., commitments, and income taxes 's Book of records ( Clerk and Recorder Official Filings ) Journal indexes Umpqua.

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